Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Paris Day 3... today was the first day of installation at Maison - very interesting + extremely challenging. The electrical + slings were not installed and 14 crates (from of our US shipment) have still not arrived....on a positive note the set up team is amazing, the space + location are perfection + the show itself......I am in awe + words escape! We have nothing like it in the US to compare- the beauty of the products, the professionalism are beyond words - for a designer like myself - it is simply trade show nirvana - I am hooked + have found my new design home (away from home).....so 24 hours into set up...team of 8, 3 shipments (from 2 countries) are received + awaiting the 4th shipment (delivery in the morning) I am feeling overwhelmed but hopeful - nothing that a hot bath, room service + a good movie can't cure.....here is a picture of the raw space + my wonderful team...more tomorrow!

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  1. i can't wait to see what the finished set up looks like! Shine back home misses you! Good luck this week! xo Megs and Annette